Hi, my name is Corine and I love stories.corinetan profile logo

I’m a writer, a huge nerd, and a firm believer that Zuko and Katara were meant to be. I study English at UCLA and plan to double minor in Entrepreneurship and Film. When I’m not working on my book or studying, I’m usually hanging out with my friends, exploring good eats around Los Angeles, or making a short film with friends. I love photography and film and will dangle my DSLR out of my friend’s seven-story windows just to catch a clear shot at the sunset. I’m a huge nerd, repeating it for emphasis…EMPHASIS!, and will drop everything to watch whatever Marvel spits out and/or binge Stranger Things with a friend.

Let’s talk about hopes and dreams! One day, I’m going to be a bestselling author. I fell in love with writing in seventh grade when I realized it was more than just five-paragraph essays, but at the heart of every novel, movie, and show I obsessed about. I decided my dream job would be creating universes out of pages and making readers flip pages so fast they leave white stripes across their books’ paperback spines. That same year, I set out to write my first novel. I’ve worked on that novel for the last five-ish years and have gotten to my fifth draft. The book itself has evolved with every draft, changing from being about a futuristic dystopia to a 1927 anarchist training program. It’s called Under the Gold Paint and honestly, I’m not quite sure how I’m not sick of it yet. It’s the one book I’ve read at least a thousand times over and somehow I discover something new about it each and every day.

About this blog, this is a place for my comics, writing advice, and a handful of other blurbs. I usually write about whatever my mind’s brewing at the time. I’ll also use this spot to share some of my videos and the projects I’m working on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post chapters of my novel here too!

In the meantime, take a look around. Comment, like, and subscribe to my little newsletter. All your support really means a lot:)

Some of My Projects

Under the Gold Paint 

Felicity Cover 2017 ver 2

A young adult historical fiction set in an alternative 1927 San Francisco. It features the twisted destinies of a poker prodigy, a factory fire survivor, and a Police Academy reject as they compete in an anarchist training program.



One of my newest projects! I decided to put my video experience to good use and record some of my college and travel experiences. I’m hoping to do writing advice videos too. Stay tuned!


A short film I helped make with my club Film and Photography Society (FPS). I was Assistant Editor, in charge of color corrections mostly. It was my first college short and we advanced to Nationals!

AHS Newscast

A project I started back in high school. I created informational videos for my school with a team of editors in TV Media II and students in Leadership. Our goal was to make the school more informed and we ended up making around 75 videos in the process!